Wubula – Dirt Monkey

Calling all Bass Heads!!! Time for some heavy hitting dubstep brought to you by Dirt Monkey! Hailing from Boulder his new album Wubula just got released! And this is some hot sh*t!!

The first song Mile High Club sets the tone for album in a big way. Energetic, and ya, you guessed it HEAVY! Wonky Kong has a Beavis sample so you know that its going to be good. Wubula brings that wub sound that is not in too many dubstep tracks these days (at least in my opinion).

Warning is a great track to really move to. The bpm is perfect to mash side to side. The drop in Slip n Slide reminds me of the first dub I listened to. That wub wub always gets me shoulders poppin!

Then its time to take off with Lift Off. If you see a title like that with a dubstep track you know you are in for a ride. A nice slow build up leading into a drop that will make dancefloors explode!! Hello bass face!!! Earthbound is next and  its glitchy/wobbly sound makes you want to distort into catatonic positions that might make people think you need medical help.

Space Jelly takes you down a dark windy road full of high frequencies, bass and probably aliens…..its about to get weird.

Parisian Punch is my favourite of the album. The beginning leaves you wondering where it is going to go, to be honest I thought there was going to be a little swing thrown in here. But then the drop hits and BOOM! Its glitchy, heavy, and awesome.

The album ends with Blow up the Spot and it does exactly that! Boulder has produced in different genres for the last 10 years, ranging from hip hop to break beat and he has been dipping into the bass and it is refreshing to the dubstep scene. Enjoy this album Bass Heads!

The album can found on spotify and on apple so here are their links:



Also his profile on apple to hear all of his music


And click here for his soundcloud Dirt Monkey

The Great White Caron

Innocence – Nero

Its throwback time! Everyone can remember that one song that brought them into a new scene or genre of music. It’s a big moment as it really has the power to change you completely. Before 2010 bass and I didn’t get along too much. I was more into trance and hardstyle early in my rave days.

Then I was told by someone with great wisdom (thanks Watson) to come and see Nero. I trusted her and this was the song that made me think this whole dubstep thing is something I can get behind. Needless to say after that show a bass head was born! Now sporting the village stage on my arm it’s safe to say bass will always be a part of my life from here on in.

This song never gets old. It can still make a dance floor lose their mind. Enjoy this amazing tune!

The Great White Caron